From the beginning, Mother Nature has been our guide.

Naturally then, soil, sun, wind and elevation inform how each varietal is planted upon our 515 acres.

Grapes that inspire wines of consequence

Our foundation is farming the grapes that will create wines of consequence. Our aspirations are humble – informed by the understanding that the complexities and subtleties in the glass are ultimately the result of the complexities and subtleties of where each of our varietals is grown. Elevation. Soil. Wind. Sun. Even before the grape, we began with the essential terroir for each of our blocks, a considered evaluation that has informed the specific plantings of the varietals that now pattern our landscape.

Our harvests are quickly spoken for and the fruit is exceptionally well received. We debuted with twelve varietals and three more followed in 2023. As you consider a relationship with RKP, please know that you can specify your harvest lovingly hand-picked or mechanically gathered. Accompanied site visits throughout the season are welcomed.

We’re delighted to share that one of our clients was recently honored as top 100 wineries in the world.

our varietals

Blending in.

The varietals are a mix of Rhone, Bordeaux, Italian and Spanish grapes. They include blocks of Barbera, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Grenache, Malbec, Nero d’Avola, Merlot, Mourvedre, Syrah, Sangrantino and Sauvignon Blanc.

Beyond vineyards, our larger vision is a destination for sharing a lifestyle infused with equal parts wine, cuisine and nature. A welcoming, nuanced collection of experiences for those who might wish to live among the vineyards – full time or for a getaway – as well as guests on excursions to the Yakima Valley. We see our vision evolving in phases, each relying and enriching the others.

Creating wines of consequence — our vineyards & wine membership

Experiences to match — a boutique hospitality offering

A lifestyle to celebrate  — homes & homesites

Come grow with us — a special program for founding members

Part of what makes Washington so interesting are seldom-seen blends of Italian varieties. One is from Bartholomew, founded by Bart Fawbush in 2007. Bart notes; “We think outside of the box and take risks that most wineries don’t.” You will find these risks in their Negroamaro, a seldom seen offering in the state.