Vineyard Management

Striking a Balance

A labor of love...and science.

RKP Vineyard Management brings the same exceptional experience, skill and attention to countless details that are the cornerstone of our own 500 acres. The program, is comprehensive, and already demonstrating the quality possible from advanced techniques, and a genuine love of the craft. Vinters supplied by RKP have achieved Top 100 status in just four years from our first leaf.

At the helm.

The management program is directed by Jose ‘Nacho’ Licea, a 20-year veteran of the industry throughout the Yakima Valley. Acreage under management is growing quickly, already at 700+ acres, including RKP’s 500 acres. At RKP the vineyard is a planting as inspired as it is diverse – 15 varitetals from Barbera to Carmenere, to Sangiovese and Syrah. A look at RKP vineyards is here.

Nacho provides the singular hands-on focus essential to quality – and remains directly involved in all aspects of management, in every season and throughout the lifecycle of a client’s vineyards.

Curated services customized for every client.

Among agricultural productions, vineyards may require the most attentive year-round attention. Every season presents unique demand to optimize return on investment. RKP offers strategic consulting – varietal selections, block layout, water and irrigation planning and installation, and planting for optimum yield and quality.

In delivering services, RKP’s trained crews can utilize a client’s existing equipment, or provide its own, as well as management staff and operational support for bottling.

Farming methods and certification is also central to RKP deliverables. These include conventional, sustainable Washington and organic standards and certification.

Seasonal Activity

Ongoing seasonal services are at the core of our team’s commitment to caring for each harvest, and include every aspect of modern vineyard management. As each year’s weather presents different variables, experience becomes a critical aspect for yield and quality.

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